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The Golden St. George went to homegrown director Alexei Uchitel
The Golden St. George, the main prize of the XXVII Moscow International Film Festival for the best film, went to homegrown director Alexei Uchitel for his film, Dreaming of Space. The Silver St. George for the best actress was awarded to Vesela Kozakova for her performance in Stolen Eyes (Bulgaria, Turkey). Hamid Farahnejad won the best actor award for Left Foot Forward on the Beat (Iran). Thomans Winterburg was recognized as best director for his work Dear Wendy, for which Lars von Trier wrote the screenplay (Denmark, Germany, France, Britain). The jury's special prize went to Finnish film Frozen Land, and the Prospects competition prize went to How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer directed by Georgina Garcia Riedel. The special award for acting and adherence to the principles of the Stanislavsky school - I believe. Konstanstin Stanislavsky prize - was given to French actress Jeanne Moreau. Nikita Mikhalokv, the festival's president and an Oscar-winning Russian director, said: "Brilliant actresses have deserved this prize on this stage, and today an actress has received this prize whose femininity, whose mystery, whose noble meaning over the decades have charmed and riveted audiences." Moreau said she usually liked to share prizes with other people, but on this occasion would keep the award for herself as she was surrounded be the shadows of many celebrated directors, actors and writers thanks to whom she won the award. She said she was particularly happy to have received the prize in Moscow, because she had many fond memories of the city. The awards ceremony was held at the traditional venue of the capital's Pushkin cinema and concert hall on the last Sunday of the film festival.
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