Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Georgia after rose revolution.
TBILISI, MARCH 12 (RIA Novosti) - John Rupp, legal adviser to Giya Jokhtaberidze, son-in-law of Eduard Shevardnadze, Georgia's previous president, is sure of his client's innocence. His detention is a sheer misunderstanding, and there are ample facts to vindicate him, Mr. Rupp, London office head of the Covington & Berling international legal company, said to a news conference in Tbilisi today. He expects his client to be released even before his three-month pre-trial detention term expires. The expert says he is impatient to prove vindicating evidence to Georgian government officials, and is determined to fight for his client's interests to the bitter end. The suspect's relations have hired for his defense all legal experts employed with the Covington & Berling London branch. Holder of 51% stock of the Magticom, Georgia's largest mobile operator, Jokhtaberidze was arrested, February 20, on suspected tax evasion involving large sums.
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