Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Russian Criminal Procedural Code review
Amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code intending to increase the term within which a charge is to be brought for terrorist acts and other especially grave crimes from ten to 30 days are aimed at enhancing the security of citizens, Boris Gryzlov, speaker of the State Duma, told journalists on Friday following the second-reading adoption of the draft law by the lower chamber of parliament. Gryzlov noted that the longer term will not lead to abuses in the system of criminal procedure because the procedure will not be changed. In the opinion of the Duma speaker, the increasing of the term to 30 days is the necessary condition. Gryzlov explained that the term has been set as optimal for the collection of information and the bringing of a charge on the above crimes by experts and representatives of the law-enforcement organs, as well as by deputies.
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