Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Amnesty of capitals in the country
Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin does not rule out a possibility of an amnesty of capitals in the country, but only under some conditions. "Theoretically, we still have an opportunity to declare such an amnesty," he said at a press conference in RIA Novosti. "During the amnesty, when a possibility to legalize incomes appears, citizens should (a) trust the law-enforcement system that it will not become a factor for further persecution and (b) know that these capitals will be most efficiently and profitably applied to the economy," Kudrin explained. If all these factors coincide in Russia, amnesty can be declared, he said. Earlier a high-ranking source in the Russian government told RIA Novosti on conditions of anonymity that one of the most important obstacles for the amnesty of capitals was the moral problem. If people who dodged taxation and did not return money to the country are pardoned, those who have abided by law, will feel deceived, he said.
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