Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Russian Mass Media
Head of the Federal Press and Mass Media Agency Mikhail Seslavinsky holds the view that the rates of the privatization of the state-run mass media in Russia must coincide with the privatization processes in other spheres. In the conversation with journalists on Monday he agreed with the opinion of the necessity to cut the number of the state-run mass media but with a reservation. Seslavinsky said that he agreed with this "strategically" but "technically there must be a certain time interval." The stages of the mass media's privatization "must coincide with the rates of privatization in other spheres," the head of the new Russian agency explained. He also noted that these stages shall be determined by the government. Seslavinsky also said that his department would strive for cooperation with mass media, for instance, on the questions relating to a change of legislation in this sphere.
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