Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Vladimir Putin:"Russia will fight terrorists by civilised means"
Russia will fight terrorists by civilised means, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Putin said, “We defend our and your interests in the Caucasus and Chechnya. If we allow terrorists to raise their head in one region they will raise it in another one.” “We sustained grievous losses. These losses may increase if we show weakness. It is necessary to joint efforts in order to act effectively,” the Russian president said. Russia is ready “for broadest cooperation in the anti-terrorist field at bilateral and multilateral levels,” he added. Russia and Europe have common interests – “to strengthen stability and security on the whole European continent, and use effective methods to counteract new threats, primarily international terrorism,” the Russian president pointed out. At the same time, Putin said Russia “will fight terrorists by civilised means and adequately respond to threats that they create. But we can’t allow them (terrorists) to use democratic principles in their struggle against democratic institutions.”
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