Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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The business world leaders meet in Busan on Thursday
The business world leaders meet here on Thursday within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum to discuss economic policy problems, global trade rules, anti-corruption efforts, and high prices of oil. The top executives of the world's leading corporations and the governments of APEC countries must interact more closely and seek joint solutions to the world's major challenges, Hyun Jae-hyun, head of South Korea's Tong Yang Group company, said in his remarks at the opening of the business meeting. The business executives are to exchange views on how effectively to manage corporations, ensure their prosperity and maintain partner's relationships. They are also to discuss matters concerning anti-corruption efforts, ensuring of companies' competitiveness, the rules of trade, and high prices of oil. Information technologies, natural calamities, taxes, and economic policy problems are also on the agenda of the business forum. The meeting is being attended by William Rhodes, Chairman of the Citigroup, Craig Mundy, vice-president of the Microsoft Corporation, Samuel Snider, executive director of the Chevron Corporation, Ara Abramyan, head of the private joint-stock company Soglasiye (Accord), and executives of the Toyota Motor Corporation, China Unicom (PRC), and the Lee and Fung Company from Xianggang (Hongkong).
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