Monday, February 24, 2020
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Russia developed a vaccine against bird flu
Russia developed a vaccine against bird flu, director of the all-Russia veterinary research institute of poultry breeding Eduard Dzhavadov told reporters on Monday. "We've been working on this vaccine since May last year. Today or tomorrow, we'll pass our developments to the Rosselkhoznadzor federal service for veterinary and phitosanitary inspection and the Academy of Agricultural Science which will decide on whether to send the vaccine for repeat trials or launch production," Dzhavadov said. The vaccine can fight the deadly H5N1 strain and the less dangerous H7N1 strain. The institute has also developed a bivalent vaccine. The director called for vaccinating all birds. However, Russia has no such opportunity at present. Vaccination is necessary at private households and the areas hit by the bird flu virus or lined along birds' migrating routes. "I can give a 100-percent guarantee that bird flu will be bought to Russia in the spring again," the scientist said. Vaccination of each bird of passage is impossible; at private households, veterinary service will inoculate birds for free, Dzhavadov explained. Each bird has to be inoculated with an injection. At the same time, he noted that vaccine alone is insufficent for fighting bird flu. Veterinary services need to take a range of measures, including culling of sick birds, isolation of healthy birds from birds of passage, and precautions against the infection coming from the outside. "Vaccination of birds is the forefront of combating this infection. If we do not put a barrier to this dangerous virus it will most likely begin to mutate and transmit from human to human," Dzhavadov said.
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