Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Sergei Lavrov:"The Foreign Ministry “cannot solve all problems concerning xenophobia and national intolerance”
The Foreign Ministry “cannot solve all problems concerning xenophobia and national intolerance,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with Russian chief rabbi Berl Lazar on Friday. “These problems are rooted much deeper. The law enforcement agencies cannot cope alone with the situation that showed emphatically what really happened in the Moscow synagogue.” According to him, “it is needed to establish international dialogue on this issue and not to allow the illness of society.” The minister cited as examples the shooting of schoolchildren in the United States and attacks on foreigners working or doing studies in various countries. Lavrov noted that “public and other organisations should step up fight with such phenomena.” “We hope that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial, including progress to accord in society. The Russian Foreign Ministry is ready for cooperation,” Lavrov emphasized. Berl Lazar said he regrets that “similar events recur in Russia.” According to him, “negative relations affect not only Jews, but also other ethnic minorities in the Russian society.” The Russian chief rabbi said he is concerned over the latest events in the synagogue in Bolshaya Bronnaya Street. Berl Lazar believes that “all countries in the world should understand a threat emanating from such outrages.” Muscovite Alexander Koptsev, 20, armed with a knife broke in the synagogue in Bolshaya Bronnaya Street in the evening on January 11. He wounded eight people, including a guard.
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