Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Gasoline prices in Russia rose 0.1% in January
Gasoline prices in Russia rose 0.1% in January, the Federal Statistics Service said Tuesday. The price of diesel fuel went up 0.7% in January 2006 (it went down 0.8% in January 2005), whereas diesel fuel producers increased their prices by 1.4% (they were down 5.5% in January 2005). Gasoline producer prices declined 1.3% in January 2006 compared with 18.3% a year earlier. According to the service, consumer gasoline prices exceeded gasoline producer prices across Russia in January 2006 by an average of 2.2-2.4 times (by 2.3-2.7 times in January 2005). Gasoline prices were up in 15 out of 88 regions of Russia in January 2006. The most significant gasoline price hike was registered in the Far Eastern region of Chukotka, which depends on delivered fuel. Gasoline prices were unchanged in 54 regions of Russia in January, month on month, and declined in another 19 regions. Consumer gasoline prices declined by an average 0.1% in Moscow and St. Petersburg in January. According to statistics, Russia produced 2.7 million metric tons of gasoline in January. In the reporting month, Russian oil producers reduced oil prices by 8%, whereas oil transportation charges were up 9.7%.
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