Monday, January 24, 2022
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Russian in Latin America
30th international book fair is on in the Argentine capital. It had a Russia Day yesterday, when Russia was celebrating the World War II V-E anniversary. "This is South America's largest book fair. Russia has reappeared at it after many years' break. Ten corporate publishers are representing their country. This is only our initial step to get back to the Latin American book market," says Valery Malykh. He heads the Argentine office of the Roszarubezhcenter, an organization for contacts with ethnic Russians abroad. Mr. Malykh hopes the current event will inspire other Russian publishers. "They, too, are to think about ethnic Russian communities in other countries ," he remarked. Novosti interviewed Yevgeny Astakhov, Russian Ambassador to Argentina, on the occasion. A Russia Day concert of folk singing and dancing gave Argentines, whether of Russian ancestry or not, another glimpse of Russia's rich cultural traditions, said the diplomat. He highlighted many Argentines of Russian extraction. There were several waves of Russian immigration to that country, starting with the latter half of the 19th century. This year gave Argentines three occasions to acquaint themselves with Russian cultural heritage-a Buenos Aires exposition of Erzya, profoundly original sculptor of the 20th century's first half; an avant-garde art show; and an exhibition, Russian Poster Centenary, which aroused great public interest. "All those events were part and parcel of our ambitious efforts to extend Russian cultural presence in Argentina," said the ambassador. "This vast work is necessary not merely for Argentines to know Russia and make it a talking subject but to step up bilateral political contacts, trade, and economic, research, technological and military partnership," he went on. Moscow will host a second Russo-Argentine entrepreneurial forum toward this month's end. The Parties are looking forward to practice-oriented contracts and understandings, added Mr. Astakhov.
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