Monday, January 24, 2022
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Iranian capital airport
The new air gate of the Iranian capital was closed even before it opened. A corresponding order was issued by President of Iran Mohammad Hatami, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Iranian armed forces Ali Reza Afshar announced Monday. "The measures taken to close the airport were taken after consultations with President Hatami," he said. The President did not agree with the position of the leaders of state-run airlines on servicing the new international airport," Afshar said. Iran's General Staff also said the airport officials had failed to comply with the demands and instructions of Iran's Supreme National Security Council. Earlier deputy chief of the international airport, Murtaza Hoseini said that "there are no technical problems with servicing and receiving international air flights." After the landing of an airbus from Dubai on Saturday, which coincided with the opening ceremony at the new airport, the passengers could not enter the airport building for a long time. Then the air terminal was encircled by servicemen. The second flight from Dubai was redirected to Isfagan in the center of the country by an order from the General Staff, and after two hours of stay at the local airport the liner was sent to the old Mehrabad airport in Tehran. In connection with this situation an extraordinary headquarters was formed. And some time later it was rumored that Minister of Roads and Transport Ahmad Horram, who was present at the opening ceremony, would possibly resign. It has been reported that President of Iran Mohammad Hatami personally will look into the airport problem on Monday.
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