Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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ILA 2004 international aerospace show
An ILA 2004 international aerospace show has taken start in Berlin. Anatoly Perminov, Russia's Federal Space Agency chief, is using the occasion for today's conference with Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to take stock of future-oriented research, in which Russia has joined hands with the European Space Agency. Germany is active in the efforts. As he was addressing the media, Mr. Perminov highlighted four team research priorities. Manned space flights come first. Russia and Germany are equally dynamic contributors to it, and closely follow their pledges. Next come blueprints for a new Russian launching pad in the Kourou space center, French Guiana. Pioneer Soyuz 2 boosters of Russian design and manufacture will be launched there. It is essential to get the project going, said Anatoly Perminov. There is another vital objective-joint efforts for multipurpose spacecraft, in particular, research communication satellites and long-distance terrestrial sounding systems. Last but not least comes a trailblazing cargo craft, to be designed by the European and Russian space agencies together. It will cater for the International Space Station.
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