Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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North Ossetia has been re-opening gambling houses
North Ossetia has been re-opening gambling houses earlier banned by a decree issued by the North Ossetian president after a series of terrorist acts staged at Vladikavkaz gambling clubs, spokeswoman for the North Ossetian Interior Ministry Ala Akhpolova said on Friday. A resolution in favor of re-opening several casinos in Vladikavkaz has been passed already, the spokeswoman said. However, the re-opening of three big casinos in the center of Vladikavkaz aroused protests from the local population. Protest acts will be staged on the initiative of students’ trade unions outside the Court of Arbitration in the city center on Friday. The North Ossetian city administration explained that the Court of Arbitration proceeds from the federal law, rather than the Law " On Gambling institutions" adopted by the North Ossetian parliament. Practically, all owners of casinos and gambling clubs had filed lawsuits, and the resolution to re- open such clubs in North Ossetia was just one of similar resolutions that would follow, the administration of the North Ossetian president said. The North Ossetian president issued a decree that banned gambling institutions in North Ossetia following two terrorist acts staged at two gambling clubs in Vladikavkaz in February, 2006. Three people were killed, and more than twenty victims were wounded then.
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