Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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The homes of 5.6 thousand Russians are flooded in different parts of the country
The homes of 5.6 thousand Russians are flooded in different parts of the country. More than 1,500 dwelling houses have suffered from the spring high water. The inhabited localities of Turochak, Biisk and Krasnogorskoye were inundated in Altai Territory, for instance. The most difficult situation is in Biisk, where 1,350 dwelling houses with a total population of almost four thousand people were flooded. Rescuers are providing them with food products, potable water, and other prime necessities. Ambulance physicians and policemen are on round-the-clock duty. Twenty-three people, including three children, were brought to the city hospital from the flooded houses. A “hotline” was arranged at the local municipal council to keep in contact with the population. As many as 317 people have temporarily left their homes. Five task teams of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations are now working in the calamity zone. Plans are afoot to pitch a tent camp for 2,800 people if the situation gets worse. The water level in the Biya River near the Altai city of Biisk is almost two metres higher than the critical mark. It went up to 613 centimetres whereas the critical mark is 420 centimetres. The water is hourly rising by 2-3 centimetres. The water is also rising in the Katun River, the second tributary of the Ob, and gradually flooding the village of Srostky. On the whole, an official of the Altai territorial administration assured, the flood situation in the territory is under control and there were no casualties. The damage, caused by the flood, has not been estimated yet. According to the latest forecasts, seven more inhabited localities of this territory, besides Biisk, are in danger of being flooded. They include the city of Barnaul and some inhabited localities in the Bystroistoksky and Ust-Pristansky districts. Several houses in the inhabited localities of Chepetsky and Kordyaga (Kirov Region) and also the city of Irbit in Sverdlovsk Region are now within the inundation zone. The flood in that region has cut off from the outside world some twenty-six villages with a total population of more than six thousand people. Fifteen villages with a population of 4,102 people, have been completely isolated by the flood in the Turin urban district. Three ferry crossings were arranged to provide the local population with everything they need. Dozens of houses were flooded in Borisoglebsk and Petrovsk, and also in the settlement of Bogan (Voronezh Region). The April 30 -- May 1 rainfalls in Primorye Territory increased the water level in the local rivers by 2-7 metres. The situation is most dangerous in the Mikhailovsky, Yakovlevsky, Kirovsky, Chernigovsky, Spassky and Dalnerechensky districts. The low-lying sectors of the city of Spassk-Dalny are in danger of being flooded within the next few days. The floodwaters are apt to interrupt automobile communication with several inhabited localities and to inundate many arable lands and kitchen-gardens. The flood is expected to reach its peak on May 4.
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