Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Federation Council head to compete with Putin
MOSCOW - Sergey Mironov, the Chairman of the Federation Council, the upper house of parliament, has submitted an application to the Central Election Commission to run for the president of Russia, a source close to the Federation Council reported. However, according to earlier statements of Mironov, all members of the Russian Party of Life (a political party that he heads) are wishing a victory to Vladimir Putin. According to some analysts, this step of Mironov means that Putin needs someone, reliable and faithful, to take a “dive” at the upcoming presidential elections. According to forecasts of political experts, this favor of Mironov will not be left unappreciated – it will improve his chances to become Putin’s successor in 2008. Another possibility is that Mironov may head the Council for National Ideology, planned to be set up in the future. The council is expected to focus of selecting Russia’s values and working out economically efficient and civilized model of social development. This model cannot be developed without taking into consideration national concepts and basic values, and these values and concepts will be used by the council to formulate Russia’s national priorities.
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