Sunday, October 13, 2019
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Sergey Mironov:"In the sphere of 'the electronic democracy,' we have gone beyond the United States"
'In the sphere of 'the electronic democracy,' we have gone beyond the United States,' Sergey Mironov, speaker of Russia's Federation Council, declared Thursday at the opening session here of a meeting of Europe's parliamentary speakers and chairmen. The meeting, being held at the headquarters of the Council of Europe, is entitled 'A Europe of Citizens-Parliaments and Citizen Participation.' As relayed by Mironov's press service, the speaker reported to the meeting on the topic of 'Electronic Democracy and Democratic Procedures in Parliaments.' He said the electronic voting system used by the Federation Council is faster and more objective than comparable systems used in the US. Mironov also cited the system, Electronic Russia, as indicative of the democratizing tendencies in the nation's politics. The system makes possible dissemination of information to all parts of the vast country. 'One can only begin to talk about a genuine establishment of 'electronic democracy,' ' Mironov said, 'when citizens have been assured of the legal and technical means of exercising their rights on a modern technological basis.'
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