Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Sergei Ystrzhembsky:"knows on its own how to develop its Kaliningrad region"
'Russia knows on its own how to develop its Kaliningrad region,' says Sergei Ystrzhembsky, the Russian president's special representative for European Union relations. This news was relayed by Ystrzhembsky during a two-day visit to the Kaliningrad region to reporters from Baltica. He reminded reporters that during the Russia-EU summit in Moscow on May 21, the head of the European Union, Romano Prody, offered to work with Russia on a joint strategy for developing the region. 'We consider that it should be a matter of achieving together normal living conditions in the region that will not decline after the entrance of Kaliningrad's neighbors-Lithuania and Poland-into the EU,' Ystrzhembsky stressed. 'For this to happen we need to quickly resolve the problems of freight shipments into and out of the Kaliningrad region, and for this reason we in the Council for Russia-EU Cooperation agreed on the evening of the EU's expansion to sign a separate agreement on this matter. We also need to resolve the question of continuous delivery of natural gas and electricity to the region.'
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