Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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President Putin congratulates Russians on New Year
Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian citizens with the head of state’s traditional New Year greetings on Wednesday. Speaking several minutes before the chime of bells on Spasskaya tower of the Kremlin, the head of state wished the Russian citizens peace of mind, well-being and accomplishment of all their plans. Follows the text of the holiday greeting of the president: "Dear citizens of Russia! Dear friends! We are seeing the Old Year out. Certainly it has seen all kinds of events. There have been difficulties and mistakes and many unsettled problems have remained. However we together sought and arrived at correct solutions. And everything that we have achieved is not simply heaven-sent, because throughout the year we worked hard. We worked for ourselves and for the happiness of our families. And all that served our common success, raising the authority of the country as a whole and dignity of the entire Russian people. There have been evident achievements – both in the economy and public life. And there is every reason to call the outgoing year generally successful. During these minutes each of us recalls his main – personal and family developments. It is especially pleasant that the outgoing year has seen more new Russian citizens born than in the previous year. This is a good sign. This means that people in our country are looking with greater confidence into the future. And I wish children and parents to bring each other only joy, understand and take care of each other. I wish them to live in peace, love and accord. Dear friends! New Year is a holiday that has been and remains a symbol of the good and expectations. And we hope with good reason for the better and hope to accomplish everything that we have had no time to carry out or have been unable to do yet. The new year of 2004 will come in just several minutes. I wish you success in all your plans and may all your dreams come true. May your homes be filled with cosiness. Let peace of mind, warmth and prosperity accompany you not only on New Year’s Eve, but also during the whole life. I wish you happiness, dear compatriots! Happy Hew Year!”
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