Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Demographic project will cost 195 billion rubles
A demographic project will cost 195 billion rubles, let alone indexation, First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at a Tuesday meeting of the Russian Security Council. “These are large funds, and we should think about a mechanism of control over the spending,” he said. A total of 2.3 million people died and 1.5 million were born in Russia last year, Medvedev said. One hundred and thirty-four children were born to 100 women of childbearing age. An average lifespan in Russia is 65.5 years, including 59 years for males and 72 for females, Medvedev said. The rate of deaths through accident is still high, so traffic safety officials are being trained to give first aid. The demographic project will assign 8 billion rubles for preschool institutions, Medvedev said. The network of childcare centers will be broadened, and more personnel will be trained. Seven billion rubles will be assigned for orphanages and boarding schools. It is a key task to assign 80,000 children to foster families, Medvedev said. A databank of orphans will be made, and children adopted by foster families will be under monitoring. It is planned to hold a medical examination of 200,000 students of boarding schools this year, he said. As for the accommodation of young families, Medvedev said they are considering smaller taxes on a young family if it buys an apartment under a mortgage program or gives birth to a baby. Big family traditions are still strong in the countryside, and they should be supported, he added.
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