Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Ukraine's Verkhovnaya Rada will await a decision on its future on Monday
Ukraine's Verkhovnaya Rada /parliament/ will await a decision on its future on Monday, as the deadline for forming a new Cabinet expires overnight to July 25. The deadline also marks 60 days from the first session of the new parliament. President Viktor Yushchenko has the right -- already on Tuesday -- to dissolve the top legislative body and call a new election. Meanwhile, political forces in parliament are planning to hold a conciliation council, and later, at 17:00, Moscow time, open a session. Prior to it, the lawmakers from Yulia Timoshenko's bloc will gather for a separate meeting. They will try to persuade their colleagues to give up their powers, and seek a new election. Timoshenko's bloc, which has 125 members, needs 151 signatures to make the work of the parliament illegitimate, so their only hope is to secure support of some of the deputies from the Our Ukraine bloc. Boris Bespaly, a representative of the pro-president bloc, said however that "this initiative has no practical significance." Anatoly Kinakh, whose Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs sides with Our Ukraine, has been more specific: "we aren't going to give up our mandates, because we're categorically opposed to permanent parliament-government crises. A repeat election for the sake of repeat election will yield no result, but only aggravate the confrontation." The president is "convinced that any use of force option only deepens the conflict. His right to disband the parliament is an argument of last resort," press secretary of the head of state Irina Gerashchenko said on Sunday. She reminded that the president has a 15-day timeframe to nominate a candidate for premier at the parliament. On July 18, the Anti-crisis coalition nominated to this post leader of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovich. Nikolai Rudkovsky, one of the leaders of the Socialist Party, believes that the parliament will receive a presentation for the post of premier from the president on Monday. "That is way Monday has become a working day at Verkhovnaya Rada /parliament/," he noted. Not everybody shares this optimism. Earlier, Party of Regions demanded that law-enforcement bodies prevent "large-scale provocations using Party of Regions' symbols which are being prepared in Kiev, meant to prompt Yushchenko to disband the parliament." Volunteers from the criminal community are enlisted to take part in disturbances. "The Party of Regions and its supporters have nothing to do with the planned provocation," it said in a statement.
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