Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Six thousand tickets were sold for Madonna’s concert in Moscow on the second day of booking
Six thousand tickets were sold for Madonna’s concert in Moscow on the second day of booking. Concert organisers said “people try to get to the so-called fan zone in front of the stage” where a ticket costs from 1,500 roubles (about 56 U.S. dollars). Booking offices are also offering pricier tickets of up to 25,000 roubles (about 936 U.S. dollars) for seats on special stands. Tickets for Madonna’s show, to be held on September 11, are sold only in two booking offices, and demand is huge. “Tickets sell so fast that printing shops can’t catch up,” one of the concert organisers said. He said about 40,000 people will be able to watch Madonna’s show in Moscow. Serge Grimot, the director general of the company doing exclusive distribution of tickets for Madonna's show, said the pricing policy of the concert organisers was quite democratic. He said the tickets had several security features and individual barcodes that are impossible to forge. Tickets for this concert are protected in the same degree as banknotes, Grimot said. Right in front of the stage, a dancing floor for 4,000 people will be installed. Also, there will be an additional dancing floor for 20,000 spectators. Confessions will be shown at Moscow's Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) where the famous compound of Moscow State University is located. A unique stage consisting of three huge podiums, a rotating sub-stage and unprecedentedly huge screens will be set up. Placed on the stage will be a glittering disco globe unfolding into a flower and a cross decorated with pastes, from which the pop diva will descend to the spectators. A total of 200 tonnes of equipment are due to arrive in Moscow on 57 trucks specially for the concert. The upcoming concert has met a controversial reaction in society. The Russian Orthodox Church said it wanted to help Madonna with spiritual advice. “The imitation of crucifixion in her last show is an advertising trick that cannot be justified even by the fact that this lady thus tried to promote exaggerated pity for AIDS victims,” deputy head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department of external church relations, archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin told Itar-Tass earlier. He said the singer who calls herself Madonna “has long been trying to praise human passions and, seeking to justify them, uses Christian symbols in her shows.” The archpriest believes that “sick people suffering both from AIDS and other no less widespread and heavy diseases need not ostentatious tears but a prayer and real human concern, and if a disease is incurable – preparation for a transition to eternity.” According to Chaplin, Louise Ciccone herself “brings about feelings of sympathy and a desire to help her with spiritual advice.” In his view, “Her constant and odd use of religious symbols testifies to her spiritual confusion.” “Unlike many other people, she replicates her spiritual problems to a large audience,” he added. Madonna gave her only concert in Rome on Sunday. As was expected, Pope Benedict XVI has rejected her invitation to the show, but 70,000 people who attended were quite ecstatic and met each of her songs in a four-million-euro three-hour concert with applause and approving shouts. Madonna started her world tour in Los Angeles in May. It covers 34 cities in the United States, 20 in Europe, including Moscow (in September), and two cities in Japan. She will celebrate her 48th birthday in London on August 16.
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