Monday, November 30, 2020
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Mikhail Zurabov:"In 74 out of the 89 federation entities, the payment of wages in the budget sector is no problem"
In 74 out of the 89 federation entities, the payment of wages in the budget sector is no problem, Russian Health and Social Development Minister Mikhail Zurabov has said on Wednesday. In ten federation entities, wages to budget-earners are being delayed by 3 to 6 days, in five by 6 to 12 days, he said. As of now, wage debts amount to 666 million roubles (1 dollar equals 29 roubles). "This amount is a purely technical matter at the 45 billion roubles of monthly payments", he stressed. Although the summer-leaves period has not yet come, the Finance Ministry is going to send an additional 27 billion roubles to finance "holiday pays" to workers in the budget sector. "Aware that doctors and teachers may face a poignant problem here, another 4.6 billion roubles will be sent in June", he said. Zurabov stressed that current financing of wages to budget-earners is "smooth". At the same time, he agreed that wage debts in the extra-budgetary sector is still a problem and spoke of the need of legislative regulation of it. Overall, as of May 1 this year, wage debts stood at 24 billion roubles, while the labour remuneration fund will amount to 4,108 billion roubles this year, according to the Economic Development Ministry forecast. The unfavourable wage-debts situation is shaping, Zurabov said, in machine-building and metal-working - 18 percent of the national wage debts. In agriculture, wage debts constitute 90 percent of the monthly labour remuneration fund.
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