Friday, January 22, 2021
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Stanislav Tkachenko:"The enlargement of NATO is a triumph of American geopolitics"
The enlargement of NATO is a triumph of American geopolitics, according to the pro-rector of the St. Petersburg State University, Stanislav Tkachenko. He made the remarks Thursday during a roundtable discussion entitled 'Russia-NATO.' According to Tkachev, NATO includes both rich and poor countries, and the latter are making up for their deficiencies by selling their loyalties. Tkachev said that the Russian position with regard to NATO enlargement is clear. In particular, he said, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not intend traveling to Istanbul for the NATO summit this summer. 'In all probability, the Russian position consists of reaching agreement with the separate member-countries of NATO,' he said. Tkachev said he was certain there continues to exist a communication problem between Russia and NATO, inasmuch as the Russian side does not see the logic of enlargement. In addition, there is an ongoing dispute over Russian military bases in Moldavia and Georgia, as well as the nearing proximity of NATO to Russia's borders and the alliance's unwillingness to heed the strongly expressed Russian wish to be included in decisions on European security policy.
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