Monday, March 1, 2021
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Moscow is a safe city to foreign tourists to visit
Moscow is a safe city to foreign tourists to visit. Measures taken at present to ensue security of foreign tourists make it possible to declare that the situation in the city is quite calm, said Chairman of the Moscow Committee for tourism Grigory Antyufeyev at a news conference held at the Itar-Tass news agency on Thursday. Unlike New York or other foreign cities, where a lady’s bag can easily be snatched from her hand, and where it is not safe to visit certain places even at daytime, there is no such threat in Moscow, Antyufeyev said. He positively assessed the activities of law enforcement bodies. "Nevertheless, one can never have two much security," Antyufeyev stressed. Therefore, Moscow created a Coordination Council for ensuring security at the tourist and hotel sector, he added. The Moscow Committee for tourism believes it is necessary to introduce 72-hour visas for foreigners, he said. Several years ago a corresponding agreement was reached with the Foreign Ministry, but because of complications connected with the order of obtaining the 72-hour visa the agreement was never realized, Antyufeyev said. The issuance of such visas would enable to increase the number of tourists visiting Russia and build up profits from travel business, he said. The 72-hour visas are intended, above all, for foreign citizens who arrive in Moscow on business for talks or on weekends, such visas should be issued at Moscow airports upon arrival, Antyufeyev said.
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