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Cellulose cleans the blood
Saratov scientists from the Research Institute of Chemistry from the Saratov State University and the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms RAS have invente membranes and biofilters for cleaning cholesterol, toxins and other harmful substances for the organism from the blood. Removing harmful substances from the blood they leave the useful compounds that are needed for a healthy human, such as proteins and mineral salts. Unfortunately, the special filters and membranes that are currently used to clean the blood capture not only harmful substances but the useful and even essential substances as well. It is sometimes the case that the proteins that are contained in the blood stick together, block the membrane pores and cause malfunction. The Saratov scientists used cellulose acetate to make biofilters, capable of selective filtration, having treated it with the vapours of a special solvent - dimethylsulphoxide, in which the cellulose acetate can form liquid crystals. It transpired that all films, filters and membranes made of modified cellulose acetate hold back from 20 to 33% more cholesterol than standard ones. Further, they have a unique ability to hold back surplus cholesterol and toxins, retaining all useful proteins and mineral salts. The scientists believe that films from modified cellulose acetate should have suitable biocompatibility and should not harm the organism.
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