Friday, October 7, 2022
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The Russian ship Sinegorje sank
The Russian ship Sinegorje sank, the Russian Transport Ministry said on Monday. There were 18 crewmen on board. The Sinegorje with a lifting capacity of 3,300 tons signaled SOS at 1.40 p. m. local time (6.40 a.m. Moscow time) Monday after seawater rushed on board. The Russian ship with a cargo of timber on board was sailing from the Maritime seaport of Posjet to China. During the last radio contact the crew reported the ship had listed to starboard almost 20 degrees. Radio contact with the Sinegorje in distress in the Sea of Japan was lost when the ship was 90 miles off the nearest seaport. Rescue centers had been incessantly sending radio messages to the ship, but the ship did not respond. Rescuers presumed the crew had abandoned the ship. A South Korean patrol ship, a Panamanian ship, and an Israeli freight ship rushed to the emergency area. A heavy sea storm continued in the emergency area with the wind force almost 30 meters per second and sea waves five meters high. It had been heavily raining, and a visibility range was almost at a zero point. Aircraft could not be used for search under such weather conditions. All the ships staying in the Sea of Japan were notified about the Sinegorje in distress, but none of the ships was staying close to the emergency area.
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