Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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This day in history
In the world: * The World Day to Combat Desertification and Draught was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1994 and commemorates the Convention to Combat Desertification. * German philosopher Alexander Gottlieb BAUMGARTEN (1714-1762) was born 290 years ago. He helped to establish aesthetics as a separate philosophical field. * French astronomer and geodesist Cesar Francois CASSINI (1714-1784), the author of the first topographic map of France, was born 290 years ago. * English essayist and novelist Joseph ADDISON (1672-1719) died 285 years ago. * French composer Charles GOUNOD (1818-1893), a bright representative of the French lyrical opera ("Sapho", "Faust", "Romeo and Juliet", etc.), was born 186 years ago. * Polish film director and script writer Krzysztof ZANUSSI ("Camouflage", "Camera Buff", "Death of a Provincial", etc.) was born 65 years ago, in 1939. * The first H-bomb was tested in China 37 years ago, in 1967. * The nuclear security convention was adopted at the IAEA diplomatic conference in Vienna ten years ago, in 1994. In Russia: * Russian battle painter Franz RUBO (1856-1928) died 148 years ago. He created grandiose panorama paintings marked by historical precision ("The Assault upon Village Akhulgo", "The Defense of Sevastopol", "The Battle of Borodino", etc.) * Russian philologist Alexei SHAKHMATOV (1864-1920), editor of the Academic Russian Language Dictionary, was born 140 years ago. He studied Russian chronicles and founded the history of the Russian language research. * Russian composer and conductor Igor STRAVINSKY (1882-1971) was born 122 years ago. His world famous ballets "The Firebird", "Petrushka" and "The Rite of Spring" premiered in Paris. * Writer Viktor NEKRASOV (1911-1987) was born 93 years ago. His first story "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" was highly popular. He wrote scripts of the films "Soldiers" and "The Town Lights Its Lights". In 1973 Nekrasov wasexcluded from the Communist Party because of his liberal views. His manuscripts were seized after a search. Then he emigrated for Paris. He was editor-in-chief of Continent journal. * International grand master, world and USSR chess champion Tigran PETROSYAN (1929-1984) was born 75 years ago. * The first test flight of the Maxim Gorky (ANT-20) aircraft took place 70 years ago, in 1934. It was the world's largest plane at that time. * The first flight of the TU-104 passenger jet airplane took place 49 years ago, in 1955.
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